Complete Setup Diagrams

These Complete Setup Diagrams give everything you need to get started recording today.

Each diagram has a list of the required components needed to complete that setup, as well as an estimated cost.

These diagrams are not generic like the block diagrams shown here, but rather give specific model numbers and show precisely where each cable connects.

Now in general I try to simply educate about the various pieces of gear so you can make your own choices.

Without getting too philosophical it's that whole "Give a man a fish feed him for a day..." thing.

But I also understand that some of you out there are just HUNGRY, and if you've come this far down the rabbit hole the least I can do is show you exactly what you need.

These diagrams assume you already have an instrument, a computer, and an available USB connection on your computer.

Check out the brief summary below to find out who each complete diagram is tailored for:

Basic - Acoustic Guitar without Pickups + Vocals

Acoustic - Acoustic Guitar with Pickups + Vocals

Keys - Keyboard with MIDI + Vocals

Bass - Bass Guitar Only

YouTube - Guitar with Pickups + Vocals Live Setup

Drums - Live Drum Kit Only

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