Recommended Reading

When you first get started you don’t know anything… but sometimes it’s even worse than that.

Sometimes you don’t know enough to even begin the search!

"Forget the marathon, I can't even find the starting line... or my shoes, which will make for a most unpleasant run!!!"

It’s a discouraging pit that is hard to climb your way out of... but there is hope!

Because now you are here and I have a few suggested reading assignments that are guaranteed to get you started off down the path to home recording proficiency.

These are some of the many (though not all) of the books I, myself, read as I tried to learn this for the first time.

Why not list them all?

Because some of them are junk!!!

So I have pre-screened the following pearls of truth and justice from the oppressively complicated and endlessly futile list of EVERY OTHER BOOK EVER.

That's right!  Every book ever written was considered, but only these made the list.

You may notice that many of these books are published in the late 2000s- but the advice they give never expires.

And there’s never a wrong time to understand the fundamentals, especially when you are just starting out and don’t have any preconceived notions or bad habits to break.

All the following books are available on Amazon.com - and many can be had used for an even better deal.

If you decide to give them a try please use the links below.  I get a kickback and, best of all, it doesn’t cost you a single cent more.

It can be your way of giving me a high-5 from wherever you may be... and everyone likes a high-5!

Guerrilla Home Recording - Karl Coryat

If you only read one of my suggested books, let it be this one.

So many great tips, great layout, easy to read, and full of practical advice.

My number one recommendation for beginners, because it gave me the confidence to pursue this hobby myself.

GET THIS BOOK!  There I think I've made my point...

The Frustrated Songwriter's Handbook - Karl Coryat

It's no mistake there are 2 books on here by the same author.

This guy knows his stuff, knows how to teach, and can communicate that in his writing... hmmmm maybe it sounds like someone else you already know?!?

Check out the final pages of his one for the blueprint for the "Immersion Music Method".

If you haven't heard of this I absolutely believe you are missing out on one of life's most sweet and sour pleasures... delicious!!!

Mixing Secrets for the Small Studio - Mike Senior

You'll be saying, "Gracias, Mike Senior" if you read through this gem.

Having trouble understanding the mystery of the mixing process?!?

This is the solution.

Recommended after you have at least some experience, although he does discuss important studio equipment.

There's never a wrong time to read this one!

Modern Recording Techniques - David Miles Huber

I don't know David Miles Huber's nickname... but if it was up to me it would be "The Professor".

This guy breaks it all down - and I mean everything.

Theory, gear, sound isolation, marketing... if it's music related there will at least be a few paragraphs in here about it.

This has a text-book tone to it, but if you don't mind getting deep into the science and specifics of EVERYTHING... then this is the one for you.

Home Recording for Beginners - Geoffrey Francis

Not the lead candidate for most original title, but what I love about this is the "30 Day Foundation Course" he lays out based on the excellent recording software, REAPER.

::cue Don't Fear the Reaper - Blue Oyster Cult::

Each chapter introduces a new topic and also gives you a few assignments to complete.

By the end you have a very solid understanding of the recording process, as well as some great hands on experience.

A great combination, especially if you are still searching for recording software that works for you.

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