Build Your Home Recording Studio Today!

As a musician, chances are at some point you've wondered about the possibility of recording your own music.

Whether it's for a demo, to share with friends, or simply for the thrill of hearing yourself perform, recording your own performances is easier now than it has ever been.

And of all the crazy websites in this whole crazy world you've ended up right here.  

I bet this isn't the first site you've visited either.... but I promise this one is different.

Why? Because I'm like you!

I understand that this is an intimidating hobby to get started in.  Between the heavy doses of impressive sounding jargon and the interaction of all the many different components, it's easy to become discouraged.

Like you I wanted to make my own audio recordings, but needed some advice on what I needed to get started.

And like you I became fed up with everyone talking above my head, puffing their chests out, and taking this way too seriously.  So I bought some books, bugged some people, and experimented on my own until I figured it out.

Now I want to help you with some of the things I've learned as I created my own home recording studio.

So if you're looking to create a professional, sound-treated, isolated space to attract prospective clients, record full orchestras, and produce the next Abbey Road... you will be disappointed with what I have to offer.

I mean just look at the picture above! You can see my bed sheets under the keyboards!

But if you are a guy or gal who's looking to have some fun with a super rewarding (and increasingly affordable) hobby, learn some cool electrical science and physics (trust me we only do the cool stuff here) or even just have a few laughs as I try to explain everything - then you are exactly where you need to be.

I'll explain the basics of each step along the way and together we'll create a basic home recording setup that's right for you.

All you need is a passion for music, some basic recording equipment, and a willingness to learn.

Musicians -- from smooth finger-pickers & electric blues-lickers to 80s metal face melters... one thing unites us all. The desire to express emotion through the experience of sound.

For all of our words and expressions, they often prove to be inadequate when compared to the elegance of music.

You have a symphony inside, ready to be unleashed.

When you're ready to take the first step, click below and begin building your own Home Recording Studio today.