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"Daaaavvve !!!!!! Just came upon your website and it ROCKS !!!!!!! I want to kick myself in the ass for not being able to find you earlier in life.

Your website is so dead on and so basic that it is ridiculous. You are so informative and the way you communicate your information is dead on.

Glad I found you ......keep up the great work can't wait to set up my studio. You are really really helping a lot of people out there !!! you have no idea. Look forward 2 seeing More of your videos....

Spent all night and all morning up till 5:30 in the am. reading up on your website....WORTH EVERY MINUTE ! Again keep up the great work. Bless you."


"This is a wonderful site - congratulations! You've obviously anticipated every question, and your answers and advice are bang-on. Thanks for all the time and effort!"

- Joe

"Hi Thank you for the wealth of information here on your web site. I wish I had such a resource when I first started this hobby 10 years ago."

- Ty 

"My question... Have you considered writing a book?! Lol Great site. Just looking at starting my own studio. Glad I came across this!"

-Em Jay 

"Greetings. This site has been insainly useful. I've started putting together a home studio for recording metal, and the info in this site has given me a brightly lit path to follow in setting myself up.

You, Good Sir, are worth your weight in gold... or, being far to broke for that, an email saying Thank You. So Thank you for your knowledge."

- Xmez 

"Your website has provided me with a boat load of useful information and I thank you for taking the time to reach out to all those musicians in need of assistance, reassurance or just a little extra explanation. Thank you for your time"

- Robb 

"Just wanted to say a huge thank you for putting such an informative and elegant site together... Everything is written simply with the exact amount of words needed to get the point across, something which is quite rare and hard to find in today's audio information society. It's been a huge help so really, thanks"

- Anonymous

"Greetings. I teach audio engineering at Foothill Community College and will share your website with students. Great job!"


"Hey guys Finally people who can talk the same language as people like me! First of all I'd like to say thanks for not puffing your chest out and thinking its cool to confuse and crush someone's confidence who wants to try new things and succeed at it!

After my family my second love is music! I have always wanted and believed that I can do something positive with music but the technical end of things always let me down! Many thanks Keep up the good work!"

- Simon


"Hi, I just wanted to thank you greatly for the website you created ! I was going nuts trying to understand the plethora of recording hardware and etc. and your website helped me so greatly get a sense of what everything is. Cheers!"


"Hello and how are you doing,i just finish reading this great info: you have here, it was the best i have ever seen and understand, i must say i love you for this walk though, it was excellent."

- Miguel

"First Off: I stumbled on to your site in my (embarrassingly simple 'what does ....do') google search... and I love it. What you're doing, and your targeted demographic is specific, and you're videos/sitepages have finesse and are tremendously informative."

- Ryan 

"Wow you did a lot of work helping people get started .Very cool and nice to see.You should be extremely proud of your hard work .

Thank you."

- Ted 

"Hey dude, I just wanted to say thanks. I'm ready to step up my game a bit in my home recording mess and I'm finding your site to be really helpful (and entertaining!). So thanks a lot"


"Hi There! First off thank you for all the great advice, tips and tricks. This has been one of the best sites for home studio setup information I have come across so far."

- Lawrence

"Big Big thank you for doing this site, as it has been so helpful.  The layout is excellent and easy for a rookie like me to understand. Many thanks again"

- Mark

"I echo what so many people have already said.  What a blessing to find your webpage.  My son and I sat for a good portion of the morning going over your website and found it very useful.

Thank you for helping us understand things -- I, a bona fide lay(wo)man, surely appreciate it!  Thank you so much for this service!"

- Kim

"I came here from your website, which is the most helpful thing I’ve seen on the subject and also says a bunch of motivational things that I wish I had said first.  I really appreciate that you’re sharing what you’ve learned, and sharing it in a really useful way.  Thanks again"

- Bob

"Hey man!!! I read that whole website and found it to be REALLY helpful.  I had my studio set up already, but now it is a little more fine tuned, and not only that, but my vocabulary is a little bit better now hahaha.

You put a lot of things I didn’t understand into layman’s terms which was awesome.  So anyway, just letting you know that your hard work in creating that website has paid off, and you’ve helped a total stranger!  So now I thank you for that."

- Patrick

"Dude, finally someone who explains clearly studio recording terms.  Pretty useful reviews too.  Cheers!"

- Ognyan

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