Complete Acoustic Setup

Are you a coffee house performer looking to hone your skills with a simple acoustic home setup?

This might be your lucky day.

I can't help you get the perfect consistency of foam on your latte, but I can help you get the attention of that cutie pretending to type on her mac book in the corner.

Below is an inexpensive way to record your guitar performance to book that next art show, wine tasting, or bookstore gig... and maybe get a date or two.

The setup shown below will allow you to record your vocals and guitar during one take (each to its own track) or let you record your guitar via pickups and with the mic.

90% of the people that contact me want to know how to do exactly this... so here it is.

Acoustic guitar is to music as the home run is to baseball.

If you can go yard then you'll always be in high demand... plus chicks dig the long ball!

Required Gear Checklist (Prices Approximate):

$270 Roland Quad Capture USB Audio Interface

$100 MXL 770 Condenser Microphone

$100 Sony MDR-V6 Studio Headphones

$40   LiveWire Double Shielded Passive Direct Box

$25   LiveWire Advantage EXM Microphone Cable (15')

$25   LiveWire Advantage EXM Microphone Cable (15')

$20   LiveWire 1/4" Straight Instrument Cable (15')

Grand Total ~ $580

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