Video Tutorials

Here are some step by step video tutorials aimed at beginners that describe many common home recording studio topics.

These can also be found on my wildly popular YouTube channel.

They're only a few minutes each, so I encourage you to check them out to get an overall feel for how easy it really can be to get started.

The "Quick Start Series" is something that I have recently put into action after years of having it swirling around in my heard. 

The idea is simple.

How would I explain the most important steps to a beginner in the shortest time possible?

It sounded simple but I soon realized that I had to cut out all the extraneous fluff and get down to the core ideas that would help a novice get his or her feet wet.

I hope you enjoy them as much as I did making them.  

If you have any suggestions for future topics feel free to send me a note via the Facebook Page here so I can add it to my growing list of topics.

And without further ado, enjoy these tutorial videos!

7-Minute Home Studio Setup

Session 1 Quick Start Series | Record Guitar + Vocals

Session 2 Quick Start Series | Record Digital Piano + Vocals + MIDI

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