Complete Bass Setup

Do you have aspirations of being laying down the sweet, slappy riff as one half of a funky rhythm section?

You’ll probably need a rig like the one shown below to make that happen.

The easy to follow recipe below should have you baking beautiful basslines in no time.

Mmmm delicious.

In the setup below the direct box splits the source signals so that matching versions go to the Audio Interface and Bass Amp via parallel output port.

Required Gear Checklist (Prices Approximate):

$150 Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 USB Audio Interface

$200 Tech 21 SansAmp Bass Driver Direct Box

$100 Shure SRH440 Studio Headphones

$20   LiveWire Advantage EXM Microphone Cable (5')

$20   LiveWire Advantage EXM Microphone Cable (15')

$20   LiveWire 1/4" Straight Instrument Cable (15')

$20   LiveWire 1/4" Straight Instrument Cable (15')

$100 Sennheiser 609 Silver Dynamic Microphone

Grand Total ~ $630

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