Basic Studio Builder

Welcome to the Basic Studio Builder, your step by step guide to creating your very own Basic Home Recording Studio.

Your home recording studio will be a collection of various pieces of computer hardware, specialty audio gear, software suites, and other assorted items.

The beauty is that it will be custom made for your needs.

Each step in the Basic Studio Builder will address a different aspect of the overall home studio.

All together there are 5 sections - you can track your progress with the graphics in the top right corner of each page.

More information on each section can be found by either clicking on the embedded hyper links, or by referring to the navigation sidebar (left side).

You may want to breeze through them all briefly at first to get the big picture, or you may choose to spend more time on each step and really understand what it will mean to your studio.

My goal is to simplify some of the more intimidating decisions, clarify some of the more confusing decisions, and overall give you the framework to start choosing the right tools for you.

Basic Studio Builder Rating / Quick Picks

Following the description in each section will be a Basic Studio Builder Rating to recommend how much of your budget to dedicate to the gear in that section.

Here is the definition of each rating:

$ - A good place to save some money.

$$ - Spend a bit more and buy some additional quality/capability.

$$$ - Splurge here knowing with confidence that this is money well spent.

This is intended to help you decide how to allocate a limited budget effectively and get the most bang for your buck.

Still not sure what to get after reading a section?

You'll notice a Quick Picks entry on most sections giving my recommendation based on personal use and experience.

Video Summary

For a quick 7 minute description of getting setup see the video below.  Otherwise continue on to the next pages for a detailed step through.

Let's Get It On

If you're not quite sure if you want to make an investment in this hobby yet, then this is the place to start.

By following these steps you will assemble the essential equipment needed to get your home recording studio started today.

You may have to deviate away from these pages to learn more about each part, but I promise that if you get all the way through you'll have a much better understanding.

I've done my best to include more in-depth description in the lengths contained in each part.

Just remember this is only step one of your learning process - but at the same time get excited that you are about to start the learning process!

Click the link below to get started with Level 1 - Setup.  Ladies and Gentlemen...


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