Acronym List

Studio Acronyms can get out of control in a hurry.

It doesn't take long for people to start throwing them around and make you feel like they are speaking another language.

Here is a quick summary of the acronyms you are likely to encounter in your quest to build your home recording studio.

Soon you'll be the one impressing your friends.

And remember speaking in acronyms is great preparation for a career as a pilot... that and flying an airplane.

ADC - Analog to Digital Converter

AI - Audio Interface

BPM - Beats Per Minute (Tempo)

CPU - Central Processing Unit

DAC - Digital to Analog Converter

DAW - Digital Audio Workstation

dB - Decibel

DI - Direct Input

EQ - Equalization

FX - Effects (i.e. reverb, delay, etc.)

Hz - Hertz (cycles per second)

IEEE 1394 - Generic term for "FireWire" interface

I/O - Input / Output

kHz - kilohertz (1000 cycles per second)

LCD - Liquid Crystal Display

MIDI - Musical Instrument Digital Interface

Q - Quality (or Bandwidth used in Equalizer)

USB - Universal Serial Bus

RAM - Random Access Memory

RCA - Radio Corp. of America (the inventors)

TRS - Tip Ring Sleeve (balanced connector)

TS - Tip Sleeve (unbalance connector)

XLR - X (Series) Latch Rubber

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