Studio Setup 10

Studio Setup 10 is a monstrosity that represents my setup that I have frankensteined together over the years.

You'll see a little bit of everything that I've touched upon on all the previous diagrams - except now it's in one place.

It represents a significant investment but as I learned more and more about this hobby my initial setup expanded to what you see below.

Because it's a complicated combination of many different setups I'd categorize this as an advanced home studio setup.

I won't say too much more but scroll down to see my own personal setup.

Required Equipment:

Required Cables:

Like I mentioned above, this is the setup I have developed in my own home as my musical interests and curiosity has grown.

Of course this pales in comparison to a professional studio, the interaction and nuances required to get all these pieces of gear talking to each other are what lead me to call this advanced.

Hopefully, though, as you become more comfortable and savvy with the equipment and software involved you'll be able to see just how everything comes together.

I did not set out to build this setup when I first began.

Rather it was a case of one thing leading to another, until I was finally able to record everything I wanted to.

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