Victory Dance

Basic Home Recording Studio Complete

Congratulations! If you know how to do a back-flip this would be the time to break it out.

If not, then go ahead a do a little shimmy in your chair... you've earned it.

The feeling of satisfaction that comes from creating something from nothing that is uniquely tailored for your needs is a great one.

But don't let the celebration persist too long, because now the real work (and real fun) begins.

I hope that after learning how to build your studio that you'll also see that this hobby is just a series of solvable problems.

Even though the learning curve from here on out may be steep, with patience and perseverance you can handle it.

Even though your specific home recording studio setup will be unique based on the decisions you've made throughout this walk-through, your studio will probably fall into a few popular categories.

Check out our Setup Diagrams Page for detailed diagrams and instructions on these common setups.

There is no substitute for spending time, getting lost, find your way out again, and generally getting accustomed to life in your new studio.

I can tell you from my own experience that all the wrong turns, the stumbles and falls are worth it.

Release Your Symphony Within

Remember that the juice is worth the squeeze, and that almost nothing worth doing is easy.

So if you ever get discouraged, or you've gone down another dead end just know that it will never be that hard again.

Sometimes you run, sometimes you walk, and sometimes you crawl... but make sure you keep moving forward.

At this point you should have the gear and knowledge you need to begin to share your creativity with the world.

You now have the tools you need to begin your home recording studio adventure.

Enjoy the journey of learning and discovery, and welcome to the world of digital home recording.

We are the Music Makers... and we are the Dreamers of Dreams

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