Audio Interface Troubleshoot Tips

I've been getting an unusually high number of notes lately regarding AI troubleshooting.

Unfortunately it's nearly impossible for me to help because every little detail of your system is unique... and that's really how it should be.

So instead of fighting though each of these cases one-by-one I'd like to suggest the following tips to help get you sorted out:

  1. Make sure your operating system is up to date
  2. Download and install the latest drivers
  3. Read the user guide manual
  4. Call the manufacturer

#1 is easy - its something you probably do anyway, but any updates awaiting installation could have an impact on your recording system.

#2 is SO IMPORTANT! The driver software is easily the most overlooked part of the setup.  Get them from the manufacturer directly and not some driver farm (you'll know them when you see them).

#3 I hate reading the instructions.  I feel like I can figure it out on my own... but sometimes I can't.  That's when I read the manual.

You'd be so surprised what's in there.  PreSonus even has a recipe for gumbo in theirs!  That has to be true! Who would think to make that up?!?

There's also common mistakes and resolutions - which just might save you from #4...

Reach Out to the Experts

#4 helps keep you sane because the unit may be setup right but simply damaged or defective.

Or it may be setup completely wrong or worse yet, it may not even do what you think it should.

It makes no difference which one it is.  Let them walk you through it.

Even as much as I'd like to help you one on one myself, I don't have the knowledge or equipment to do so.

Call the manufacturer directly.  Don't email them and don't listen to people on forums.

I know people hate to do this, but remember the folks that made the device are experts and the people in support are specifically trained to be able to resolve these issues.

The companies profitability and longevity depend on it.  Does that mean you'll get an answer immediately?  No.

But it is your best chance of getting it resolved.

When you call make sure you are actually at your computer with the unit available and try to be patient... remember they can't possibly know what you've already tried and they have to step through starting from the beginning.

Slow Down on Upgrading Too Often

Today's home computer systems are more capable than ever... and that's a good thing.

The rate at which new and exciting gear comes out is also at an all time high... once again a good thing.

The software driver and compatibility with new operating systems often lags behind... which is no good.

Keep this in mind before switching to a new OS or revision of your recording software.

If you get the absolute newest thing on the market, chances are you will be de-bugging it for them.... for free!

Obviously there is a point when you need to upgrade, but it's not as often as you probably think.

The Goldilocks Zone (not too hot - not too cold -but juuuuust right) is about a year after first release until about 5 years.

At that point you may fall behind the curve, but in the mean time you should have a nice stable system.

Drivers, drivers, drivers, drivers.  Check them first.  These tips should get you back in working order and ready to rock.

Stay (audibly) thirsty my friends!

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